Our group, which has proven itself with its 45 years of experience and is among the few textile companies, continues to present its collection to its customers every season since 2010 with its own women's wear brand NaraMaxx.
NaraMaxx seeks different ways to offer exciting new experiences by planning according to future trends in its collections and includes designs that reflect the traces of world fashion.
In the collections, which are created in integration with international and domestic design offices, the product range is expanded for each season and production is carried out with environmentally friendly raw materials.
NaraMaxx accelerates the growth of the brand by making large investments in digital platforms, while conducting its marketing and advertising activities, it offers its customers easy shopping opportunities with mobile applications and online sales site. Our brand, which continues to grow rapidly, serves its customers with design offices and showrooms in Istanbul and New York.

Our Mission: To develop a different shopping experience that offers high quality products and services in all our stores with our customer satisfaction-oriented approach.

Our Vision: Acquiring a successful and powerful place in our ready-to-wear brand worldwide, exhibiting creativity, quality, customer satisfaction, trust, and service diversity.

Our Values: Quality, Reliability, Diversity and Diversity, Creativity and Design, Customer Satisfaction, Development and Innovation, High Health and Safety, Respect for Nature, and the Environment

Countries: Turkey, Finland, Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, USA