Occupational Health and Safety

As GHS Group of Companies, we strive to provide a healthy and safe business environment to our employees, business partners, customers, in short, to anyone working or influencing with us.

We ensure to maintain a safe working environment that will protect all our stakeholders' assets by ...



As GHS Group, we are aware of our responsibilities towards our country and the world!

Child Labor: We are committed to not allow child labour. As a company we act in accordance with child labour employment procedures and principles.

Prevention of Forced or Forced Labor: We undertake not to employ any of our employees ...


About Us

GHS Group of Companies were founded in London in 1984 with Oz Textile Limited. After working on the textile market in London, in 1995, the company's founders Hakan and Haluk Özkarakaşlı decided to set up a production plant in Bursa. Their goals were increasing production capacity and contributing to their homeland. In 1999, Design House, was founded in London with the ...


Quality Policy

Respecting nature is one of the leading principles of our quality policy. For this reason, raw materials and energy resources that do not harm the environment are used efficiently in all our production facilities and our water resources are consumed in a balanced way with our treatment water system. All production stages are inspected, and our products are tested first in our ...


Mission & Vision


To be an organization that is environmentally sensitive, competitive in quality, with the least cost, making the most efficient production, open to innovation and developments, meeting the current and future expectations of our employees and customers by using our resources effectively.


To be among the valuable companies of our country by strengthening ...