Occupational Health and Safety

As GHS Group of Companies, we strive to provide a healthy and safe business environment to our employees, business partners, customers, in short, to anyone working or influencing with us.

We ensure to maintain a safe working environment that will protect all our stakeholders' assets by ...


Social Responsibility

As GHS Group, we are aware of our responsibilities towards our country and the world!

Child worker: We are committed to not allow child labor. As a company we act in accordance with child labor employment procedures and principles.

Prevention of Forced or Forced Labor: We undertake not to employ any of our employees under ...


About Us

GHS Group is a well establihed company which has 5 companies across 3 countiries with 1050 employes in total. GHS Group has 45 years expreince in textile business in UK and 23 years productiın expreince in Turkey.

It's annual turnover is over 100,000,000$ the marjority of yhis turnover comes from Oz Textile and Nara Textile

Our ...


Quality Policy

We are committed;

• To continuously improve the quality level to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

• To prevent environmental pollution and improving occupational health safety by using new technologies that are environmentally friendly and risk free in terms of ...


Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

To be an organization that uses environmental resources friendly, by producing with competitive quality and minimum cost. Our team is open to innovation and developments and meets the current and future expectations of our customers.

Our Vision

To be among the valuable companies in our country by strengthening its ...